Stop! You Don’t Have to Do Crime!

Giving a Record

Many defendants wrongly consider if a reasonable explanation is given as  to”why” child porn is on a pc, criminal charges could be avoided.

Restated, many defendants feel that supplying a fair statement to law enforcement can help prevent being arrested or facing criminal charges.

That isn’t correct.

When a defendant stipulates a statement to law authorities, the announcement will probably be used against the defendant through a criminal prosecution.

A criminal defense lawyer should attempt to curb any statements supplied by a defendant that, at all, provide a link between the defendant and some other child porn found by law enforcement. A Motion to Suppress must be submitted regardless of whether the suspect was in custody once the announcement was granted.

A lot of men and women believe statements supplied by defendants can’t be suppressed if law enforcement supplies Miranda warnings. Additionally, this is not correct. A lawyer should attempt to curb statements provided by a suspect if law enforcement supplies Miranda warnings.

Recent case example

The gentleman lived together with his spouse at the suburb of a large city and had lived in precisely the exact same area for ages.

Law enforcement didn’t have sufficient evidence to get a warrant to go into the defendant’s home and grab the computer. Since they could not get a warrant, law enforcement chose to walk until the man’s home and speak to him to determine whether they can access the home voluntarily.

In arriving at the home, law authorities waited until roughly 7:30 p.m., as it had been dark, and most of the men and women who live in the area were dwelling. Three national agents and a few local authorities arrived at the elderly guy’s house. After convincing the guy they need to be permitted to the home, the police also convinced that the man they ought to be permitted to”analyze” the pc inside the home.

In summary, law enforcement coerced the gentleman to provide permission to look for the pc. Law enforcement endangered to remain in the guy’s house for many hours while they tried to find the following search warrant. Law enforcement threatened to grab and take a couple of things which belonged to the guy’s wife.

The guy believed if he didn’t give permission, multiple officers could arrive at the area with the lights in their patrol cars flashing, law enforcement could remain in the home for hours, search through all his things and his spouse’s items, and finally take several items which belonged to his spouse.

After a few hours of badgering, and presuming he had no other option, the guy eventually confessed he might have downloaded child porn, given verbal permission and the computer was captured. Soon thereafter, the guy was indicted because his computer contained child porn.


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