The Most Common Acupressure Points

  Acupressure is a Chinese traditional relaxation and treatment mechanism that has been in use for over 2000 years. It refers to applying gentle pressure with your fingertips or hand on particular body points, meridians, aiming to balance qi energy. When pressure is exerted on the meridian points, they send a signal to your brain to stimulate release healing chemicals. Your body has thousands of points, including acupressure for gas and bloating, which are designed to perform different tasks. Here, is a list of the most common pressure points. The most common are; acupressure point for acidity, gas and bloating. Common Acupressure Points PC 6-Inner Gate point – it is located two inches from the transverse crease, between the long tendons on the palm-side. It helps to relieve stomach upsets, indigestion, nausea, and anxiety. LI 4-He Gu-Union Valley – it is located between hand’s first and second metacarpal bone, between the thumb and first finger. It is useful in relieving discomfort in the head and neck. Also, it can be used to induce labour during childbirth. BL40, Weizhong – Urinary Bladder Channel – located at the back of the knee. It is used to relieve stomach disorders, hip impairment, and back pain. HT7, Shenmen – Heart Channel – found on the outer side of the wrist. It is useful in the treatment of mental disorders such as insomnia, agitation, hysteria, depression, among others. LV3, Taichong – Liver Channel – found on the dorsum of the foot between the first and

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